Peak of the Market “Farm to School” Fundraiser

Once again the residents association will be helping the Faraday School Parent Council with their Peak of the Market “Farm to School” Fundraiser. Money raised will help the Parent Council pay for field trips, books, hot lunches, and much more. This is a great initiative and you’ll get the veggies just in time for Thanksgiving!

The bundles consist of:

Bundle A ($10): 2lbs carrots, 2lbs yellow onions, and 5lbs red potatoes.
Bundle B ($20): 3lbs carrots, 3lbs yellow onions, 1lb parsnips, 10lbs red potatoes, and 1 head of green cabbage

Order deadline is Wednesday September 30. Orders will be ready just before Thanksgiving, and I will deliver orders once they are ready for pickup. If you are interested, please visit the Contact page, fill out the form and in the comments section lets us know which bundle you would like. Monies will be collected before the deadline.