Board Vacancies

A new page has been added under News to advertise the board vacancies of Secretary and Treasurer positions. Deadline to apply is Monday October 19, 2015 at 4PM (by email) or in person on Tuesday October 20, 2015 at 7PM (during our meeting).


2015-2016 Meeting Dates

We have submitted a request for our 2015-2016 meetings to be held at Faraday School. The dates are as follows (once approved) and we have moved the meeting date back to Tuesdays:

Tues. October 20, 2015
Tues. January 19, 2016
Tues. March 15, 2016
Tues. June 14, 2016

*Please note that there will NOT be a picnic in 2016 and there will not be a meeting in December due to the holidays.

We’re hoping that the move back to Tuesdays and moving the dates up one week than usual, will bring more residents out to the meetings. Please remember that the meetings can be cancelled last minute; like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, where we will update in the event of a cancellation.

The residents association is also looking for a Treasurer and a Secretary. Please attend out meeting on October 20 (not an AGM year), to learn more about the positions. All positions with the RA are volunteer based only, it is not a paid position.

All dates have been posted to our Google Calendar and can be found under the heading “Events Calendar”. Agenda items can be submitted one week prior to the meeting; deadline the Friday before the meeting date.

Community Garden Update

I visited the garden this afternoon and everything is growing quite lovely. The recent rains sure have spruced up the boxes! It looks like we will have a lot of gourds for the fall and peppers too! While the veggies aren’t quite ready (we’re thinking August), there are A TON of chives in the center square box (top platform). Chives are great for sauces, toppings, add-ins, etc. I believe they’re garlic chives, so they will add extra flavour!

Please stop by to see how well our garden is doing. Once the veggies are grown, please take what you will need! That is what they’re there for!