FREE Ukrainian Lunch

Our MLA, Kevin Lamoureux, will be hosting a FREE Ukrainian lunch TOMORROW, January 31 at 12pm in the basement of the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (820 Burrows Avenue).

Everyone is invited to attend!


Faraday Residents Association Important Notice

Good evening residents, friends, and supporters:

At a meeting held last night a decision regarding the future of the residents association was made, and we must preface the following by saying that it was a very difficult decision.

Effective immediately the Faraday Residents Association has been dissolved. At this time we are no longer able to continue with our organization and we felt that it was best to hang up the keys after many wonderful years. There were a number of variables that went into this consideration, and both my co-chair and I agree, that the FRA cannot run at half steam.

We would like to take this time to thank all of our residents and community supporters that have helped us over the years. You have ALL made our community shine and shared the importance and passion of our little neighbourhood. You truly are amazing.

We will meet again in the future to decide if the dissolution of the association will remain permanent, or if it will be viable to return at some point. For now, we have disbanded and it makes our hearts heavy.

When I took on this role as Chair in 2012, I had a vision for our little community – to lift it up and make it shine. From community picnics to family fun nights, it was our way to help support the community and from the turn out, we knew that you loved it. However, the old adage is true – “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours.” The Faraday community has given me so much over the 30 years that I have lived here and I felt that it was my sense of duty to repay that honour. I still feel this way and I always will. This community will always hold a very special place in my heart. I am hoping that in a few years that we will be able to return, with a new sense of commitment and a fresh start. We hope that you will return, too.

Until that time comes, my co-chair and I thank you once again for your commitment to our community. The only we can make it better is if we come together collectively and lift each other up. We have the most amazing people that live within the boundaries of our community and it goes to show how truly great we can be!

This is not a goodbye because we will be back! We hope that you will join us. I will continue to update our Facebook and Twitter pages with community news and events to keep our residents in the loop with area happenings. Our website will continue to remain active.

For now, have the most enjoyable year that you can achieve and please continue to work together… because when neighbours get together, great things can happen!

Warmest regards,

Michelle Arnaud, Chair