About Us

The Faraday Residents Association is based out of Winnipeg’s Inkster-Faraday neighbourhood, but we want to be a resource for the surrounding areas as well.

The Faraday Residents Association (FRA) is a not for profit organization of neighbourhood residents committed to promoting a healthy, vibrant and welcoming community.

The objective of the association is to:

  • Promote a healthy community through safety, recreation and wellness activities.
  • Promote a vibrant community through community renewal, beautification and support for residents
  • Promote a welcoming community through advocacy, partnerships and connection with all stakeholders.

All persons who live, work or participate in the community are considered members. All members, regardless of age, are entitled to propose initiatives, and vote at community meetings such as our AGM.

Our boundaries are: North side of Redwood to South Side of Atlantic; East side of Arlington to West side of McGregor.